Wisteria Prefecture Scenery photograph wallpaper

Japan Scenery photograph of Wisteria


With the wallpaper photograph of Wisteria, the famous place in Okayama Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Nara Prefecture is mainly introduced. Wisteria is a flower belonging to the pulse family, and has the feature which pickles a flower in the shape of a fringe, and Noda-wisteria and Yama-wisteria are made more into the endemic species from ancient times in Japan. The thing exceeding age-of-a-tree 1000 is also in the old tree of these wisteria(s), and it is common to build a wisteria trellis in Japan to the purpose of supporting the tree of wisteria which grew large, and admiration of wisteria. As a famous place of Wisteria, Sennen-wistera of a Dasai shrine, the wisteria trellis of Byakugo-ji, a Shirai-Omati-wisteria park, etc. are famous in Hyogo Prefecture. The Wake wisteria park in Okayama Prefecture is famous as No.1 wisteria park of Japan. Moreover, the flower of wisteria which there is famous wisteria called Sunazuri-no-wisteria also to Kasuga Taisha in Nara Prefecture, and similarly exceeds 20 kinds to Shin-en of Kasuga Taisha can be seen.
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