Cherry tree

Cherry tree Prefecture Scenery photograph wallpaper

Cherry tree A Japanese flower

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With the wallpaper photograph of a cherry tree, we also send the scenery of mountains and cherry trees, such as Mt. Fuji and a cherry tree, to you [ centering on the famous place of the cherry tree of Nara Prefecture represented in the shrine in Kyoto, the cherry tree of a temple, or Yoshino ]. Moreover, the scenery of castles, such as Himeji Castle and Hikone Castle, and a cherry tree is also a beautiful thing peculiar to Japan. The Somei Yoshino of the cherry tree representing Japan is a cherry tree which suits such two scenery splendidly. Temples in large numbers one day, such as Arashiyama in Kyoto out of the famous place of the cherry tree of a book, Maruyama Park, Heian Jingu, Nanzen-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, and Ninna-ji, scenery of a cherry tree, and the cherry tree seen from Kawaguchiko, Shoji-ko, and Oshino-Hakkai with Mt. Fuji and a cherry tree and the scenery of Mt. Fuji. Moreover, at a castle and a cherry tree, it is Himeji Castle and Hikone Castle of a national treasure, the Nagahama castle, and the Takada ruined castle park, and they are a Takato-Kohigan cherry tree, Azumino, etc. in Shinshu. Moreover, we send to you the Kawazu cherry tree known as early bloom.
Nagahama castle
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